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asortive coach jennifer

A passionate, strategic, hard working higher education professional that has been working in the field for almost six years. I currently serve as a Career Coach and my job consists but not limited to: helping aid students with their academic and career goals, presenting to students on various imperative topics, and handling dual enrollment paperwork and the advisement of high school students. While juggling my Career Coach duties I also serve as an Adjunct Speech Instructor at Coastal Alabama.

Although I have a major passion for higher education, I also have a background in communications and public relations. I received the opportunity to do freelance work for Lionbridge as a Social Media Assessor, a company that focuses on social media content for various companies and organizations. I also served as an Active Collaborator at JJPR Agency. I assisted the company with managing blog posts and social media content for some of their clients. I obtained both a Bachelors and Masters in Communication Studies from Troy University; and recently received a Graduate Certification in Academic Advising from Arkansas Tech University. I am always willing to learn and can easily adapt to the functions of a job, and work environment.


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